Sports Injury Rehabilitation

We are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injuries. ​

The most common question we get asked by sports-people is “how long will the recovery take?”. We know that early assessment leads to quicker recovery – seeking physiotherapy input quickly is key. We can help you skip unnecessary doctors appointments and waiting lists. ​

We are musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapists who are able to confidently diagnose, treat and rehabilitate any sports injury. We will take you through a detailed assessment process and educate you on the injury and exactly how to recover from it.​

We will use hands on treatment where appropriate, this is often useful in the acute stages of injury to manage pain and swelling.

Alongside your treatment sessions we will then prescribe a comprehensive exercise programme to suit your needs. These can be tailored to be performed at home or, if you’d prefer, at a gym. If you are a member of a gym we can attend with you, to ensure you are performing exercises optimally.

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