Physiotherapy is ideal for treating everyday aches and pains. We will help get to the root cause of your symptoms and help eliminate them with a mix of treatment, education and exercises. We will ensure a comprehensive assessment of your issues:​

History of your pain
Firstly, we have a detailed discussion about your pain or problem. The more information you can give us the better as it will help us diagnose the root cause of your issue. We need to understand how long has it been going on, and the behaviour of your symptoms e.g. what makes them worse/better, and whether they follow a pattern.

We take a medical history to see if any underlying conditions or medications may be affecting your pain. We will then discuss your goals to help us individualise your treatment plan. ​

We will then take a physical look at the way your muscles and joints move. We screen for any obvious movement disorders and also in great detail at each individual joint that could be responsible for your pain. We take a holistic approach, ensuring we look at how you move as a whole.

After a comprehensive assessment, we will provide you with information about the diagnosis. We then make a shared decision with you on the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

It is important that you understand what exactly is causing the pain and feel able to manage the pain when we leave!

Treatment will be individual to your pain and circumstances. You may feel you are able to self manage the condition and this is absolutely fine. If you feel you need a little more guidance and supervision to recover we can arrange follow up appointments that may include, manual therapy & manipulation, soft tissue techniques and massage, and exercise based rehabilitation.

You are in control
It is always your choice to make an informed decision on your ongoing care. There is never any pressure for additional appointments – we are here to help, not hustle.

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