The risk of falling in older adults is usually related to combination of factors:

Balance and/or walking problems
Balance is affected by a whole host of things including vision changes, vestibular problems (changes in your ears), confidence, and the use of walking aids.​

Muscle tone and strength
Research shows that muscles become less efficient as we age (starting from aged 45). – but this is avoidable!

We are able to deliver supervised exercise at home so that you can push yourself to your limit, without fear of causing yourself harm or falling over.

Studies indicate that when individuals take five or more medicines, the risk of falls increases. We are trained to review your medications and medical history to see if there are factors affecting your balance.

Home hazards
We are able to assess your home environment (e.g. dim lighting and trip hazards) and make recommendations to make your home environment as safe as possible, as well as review any equipment or alterations that may make your life easier.

Positional low blood pressure
If you feel dizzy immediately after getting out of bed or standing from a chair you may have Orthostatic hypotension. This is when blood pressure drops upon standing. We will check this for you as part of our holistic assessment. ​

Feet and footwear issues
As part of our assessment we can check your footwear and make recommendations on the best choice of footwear for your individual needs.

Our chartered physiotherapist can help you understand all the factors contributing to your balance and mobility issues and come up with the solution to your problems. Don’t wait and risk another fall – get in touch today!

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